Catching up on life

I feel like I haven’t written in forever!

So, first off: The Predators are absolutely SLAYING the playoffs. I don’t think enough people are talking about it. They were such an underdog team and they are about to make Round Three (knock on wood)! I am just so proud of them, and so extremely excited to watch them go the distance. I just put in a leave chit at work for the first two weeks of June so that if/when they make the finals, I can attend games 4-7 and make DAMN sure I’ll be there when they get their first ever cup! Seriously, this is HISTORY in the making, guys!

Second, I am finally beginning to work my way up to radar at work. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be starting RFC (Radar Final Control) officially, but today I started doing simulations. It was cringey, of course. I have my phraseology down, I just need to work on being faster and more confident! Hopefully I’ll get many many runs in before I begin training and that’ll help me transition easier. It’s honestly just exciting being out of Flight Planning and moving up in the world, even though I’m not controlling yet. I’m sure within the next two months they’ll put me on the man up!

In addition to ATC, I’ve been trying to acquire a second job to help with bills and paying off debt. It’s extremely hard to find something that can accommodate our weird, ever-changing schedule. My goal is to apply to five places every day and maybe I’ll eventually get lucky with an extremely flexible employer. Fingers crossed that it’s something fitness or pet-related.. but I’ll take anything!

Super exciting news- I’m starting classes again!! I just had my TA paper chit approved today, and am working on getting the online request approved. Unfortunately, I was on leave for the January semester start date, and had really, really bad planning/poor communication for the Spring and first Summer semester where I couldn’t get my TA approved on time. I really only wanted to take one class per semester, but because I’ve missed so many semesters I’ve doubled up for this one and have just accepted that I’m going to be super busy (especially if I get this second job)! I’m taking English Comp II and Sociology of Gender, which I’m especially excited about! After these two, I believe I only have 5-6 more classes to fulfill my AA requirements. It’s about time! 90 credits later… *eye roll emoji* I can’t wait to get started on my Bachelor’s. Making it happen… no matter how long it takes. I WILL graduate.

I’m still waiting on my BAH to be approved and so unfortunately… still am waiting to buy a house, which means I’m still waiting to move Drew and the dogs out here. Ugh. It’s so crazy to think that as soon as a little piece of paper gets like three more signatures on it, BOOM. House, Drew, dogs! All of the things I want more than anything in this world to have back… all in the hands of three individuals at NASWI. I am so impatientttttttttt. But, it gives me something to look forward to. I am really trying to grind in the meantime while I wait. I need to keep myself busy.

Well, I think that’s all. I’ve been watching Dear White People (which is soooo good!) so I’m going to go watch an episode of that and then pass out. I hope you all had a wonderful week so far! Happy hump day!



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